The pandemic’s lockdown restrictions in 2020 had a negative impact on the bank’s lending operations since the beginning of that year. Pay cuts, job losses, and other forms of economic instability would have undoubtedly affect many, necessitating the need for loans to make up for cash shortages or liquidity mismatches. 

That is when credit card loans and other pre-approved digital loans came into the picture and gained popularity when credit card holders’ financial burdens needed to be lowered. But like all loans, they also have benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into account before making a final choice.

Before taking out a loan against your credit card, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of going for apply for american express credit card loan.

Fast Disbursement: Credit card loans are known to have the quickest processing and disbursement times of any credit facility. Because this credit card loan is pre-approved and doesn’t require any documentation for qualifying existing credit cards, funds are disbursed quickly—within a few hours of the american express credit card eligibility confirmation and credit card application. Furthermore, some credit card companies assert that they can release money in a matter of minutes.

If you meet the requirements, all you need to do is decide to apply for american express credit card loan using internet banking or contact customer service representatives at the credit card company. You can choose to have the loan amount automatically credited to your account or to receive it by demand draft.

It is a deserving substitute for other funding sources. In any circumstance, credit card loans are a good source of credit, but they are particularly helpful in the present lockdown, constraints, reduced working hours and staffing levels for lenders, and unstable economic conditions brought on by the pandemic. One of the fastest payout times, pre-approval status, and the convenience of going to apply for american express credit card loan online or over the phone through banking channels are just a few benefits of credit card loans.

Those who fall into american express credit card eligibility criterion but were rejected or did not apply for others loans, may apply for a credit card loan through their credit card in the event of a financial shortfall, liquidity mismatch, or debt consolidation. Make sure to consider a number of factors when choosing a lender, including the interest rate, length of the loan, processing fee, and total amount of the loan that you are considering.

There are loans available with five-year repayment tenure. The credit card loan borrower can choose a loan term with manageable EMI payments over the tenure, ranging from six months to five years, depending on their american express credit card eligibility and repayment capacity.

Remember that while longer loan terms will result in lower monthly payments, the overall cost of interest will rise. It therefore makes sense to select a loan term that is in line with your ability to pay back the debt. You will pay a lot of money in the form of high credit card interest rates and late payment fees if you don’t make your credit card payments in full and on time because your loan EMI will be combined with your credit card account.


Interest rates higher than those associated with a personal Card Loan

Many factors, including your credit score, credit card type, repayment history, employer, and employment profile, affect your credit card interest rates on loans. However, credit card issuers may charge even higher interest rates during unstable economic times like the current one. Interest rates on personal loans to borrowers with comparable credit histories are typically at least 1% cheaper than credit card interest rates.

Therefore, it is not only important to check american express credit card eligibility as well as that of other loans, it is equally vitalto compare the interest rates on credit cards to those of any other loans that they might qualify for from other lenders, such as gold loan, instant personal loans, or digital top-up home loans. This is applicable to everyone who possesses credit cards at the moment, regardless of how many they may own. If you need loan, options need to be looked upon.

Credit card limit gets blocked for some time

When a credit card is pledged as security for a loan, the cardholder’s credit limit is temporarily suspended up to the loan balance, preventing further credit card purchases. This is because credit card issuer-authorized loans have a maximum loan amount. 

However, the loan limit will progressively rise if you keep up with your scheduled loan EMI payments. Furthermore, some credit card issuers may approve this loan above the available credit limit on the card. You can maintain your credit limit and use your credit card for regular purchases by doing this. However, bear in mind that a credit card issuer would only present this option following consideration of several factors, including your repayment history and ability to repay

Affects the maximum amount of cash withdrawal allowed: Unless otherwise specified, cash withdrawals from credit cards are allowed up to a predefined limit, which is typically a percentage of your total credit limit.

Ceilings on credit are comparable to this. When a loan is made using the credit card, some credit card issuers completely block the cash withdrawal limit; others do not. Having a credit card on hand may help with financial difficulties, even though using a credit card for ATM withdrawals should be avoided as much as possible due to the significant financing costs involved (high credit card interest rates, cash withdrawal fees).


With all of their features and advantages, credit cards are without a doubt one of the best ways to obtain credit, particularly during challenging times like the current pandemic, which include unpredictable work schedules, unstable financial markets, and a labour shortage for lenders. Just to be sure, it’s a good idea to look into other loan options first. Among these are COVID 19 specialised personal loans, digital instant personal loans, and digital top-up home loans. These loans may have interest rates that are lower than credit card interest rates and can be disbursed concurrently with credit card loans.