If you think couponing is all about Sunday morning scissors sessions, you might miss out on a whole universe of savings options. You can now print coupons at home, download savings apps, and even join store loyalty programs to access sales and coupons that don’t exist in circular form.

Look for sales.

Shopping for sales is essential to get the most out of your coupons. Many grocers advertise their sale products on their weekly flyers, so it’s worth checking those online or in person before your next shopping trip.

You can also sign up for a store loyalty program to save even more money on future grocery purchases. Many retailers reward loyal customers with exclusive coupons and discounts they won’t announce to the general public.

Another great way to find the best grocery deals is to check out coupon sites online. These websites often feature special offers and printable grocery coupons not anywhere else. Plus, they’ll be updated on new sales and special deals that may be happening at your local stores. For example, some grocers offer “double “coupon” days” for specific items, meaning a $1 off coupon is worth $2 instead. Find out if your favorite supermarkets do this before you start clipping. Also, if you live near multiple grocery stores, comparing prices between them might be worth seeing which one has the lowest price on certain items.

Look for coupons.

Regarding groceries, the dollars saved by clipping coupons can add up. And as the cost of everything from yard services and premium cable channels to electricity and gas continues to rise, your ability to cut household expenses becomes increasingly essential.

Look for manufacturers in newspaper inserts, through websites that aggregate different coupon types, or on the company website. Some grocery stores will also offer manufacturer coupons in their ads or apps. You can also find online coupon databases like the one at Amazon. If you’re online, consider installing a browser extension that will locate and apply coupons for you.

If you’re a shopper at a particular store, check out their app or website for offers on items you regularly buy. Some apps offer cash back on groceries. In-store loyalty programs also provide opportunities for savings. For example, many stores offer rewards, which let you earn points for every purchase and redeem them for discounts.

Look for clearance.

Whether by yourself or organized, items from warehouse clubs pay to compare prices between grocery stores. It might take time, but the savings could add up quickly.

If you find a great deal on something — say, a container of spinach or a bundle of avocados — but you need more time, and the item is already sold out, ask the store for a rain check. That way, you can snag the sale price when it returns to stock.

Money experts also suggest embracing your local grocery program, which can help you save on future purchases by automatically applying coupons to your cart at checkout. And remember to use “cash-back apps in conjunction with your grocery store app.

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, shopping at the same supermarket for groceries every week. But jumping around can help you save a lot of money. And you can often score even better deals if you shop for specific products at the store that sells them at their cheapest price.

Look for apps.

If you still need to start using an app that helps you save money at the grocery store, you should be. These apps are the 2022 version of clipping coupons. They’re easy, and they’re all on your smartphone.

You can find a variety of grocery coupons and promo codes on apps. Ensure that your app is compatible with your phone before downloading it.

Another excellent tool for finding grocery coupon deals is an app consolidating weekly ads and savings. One such app lets you create a shopping list and search for local coupons and savings at all the stores in your area.

You can also try apps that allow you to access a variety of printable grocery coupons and online promo codes. 

Look for loyalty programs.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on groceries, check out the many grocery store loyalty programs that offer exclusive benefits to members. These unique perks set some stores apart from fierce competition and encourage repeat business.

Using geo-location and app-sign data, customer loyalty programs can personalize promotions and generate real-time coupons for in-store redemption. For example, when customers purchase keto-friendly products like almond flour, they can be offered a coupon to buy sugar-free chocolate or protein bars. This type of hyper-personalization enables grocery chains to drive up transaction values and increase customer loyalty.

Grocery loyalty programs can also gamify the experience by rewarding customers for behaviors like checking in, referring friends, and engaging on social media. The best grocery & hypermarket loyalty programs provide a holistic customer experience that delivers one-of-a-kind benefits, drives transactions, and increases advocacy. Moreover, they ensure that the same benefits are available in-store and online, irrespective of how customers shop. These programs make shoppers feel valued and special, resulting in higher average order value and frequent repeat purchases.