With a revolution in the eCommerce industry, there has been a tremendous shift in the shopping patterns of the customers. Now, they want everything online on the same day or in the least time possible. The frequency of shopping has increased because they get to do it from the comfort of their own. An online product designer tool can help you with this. 

To come up with new ideas and innovations businesses have to come up with more innovative ideas that enhance the user experience as well as connect with them on a more personal level. Also, giving them the freedom to decide the color and design of their products could be a step ahead. A t-shirt design tool can be a one-stop solution to all such problems. It is an ultimate way to balance the demand and supply chain and gain extra bucks for customization to grow your business.

Here are the top 5 features to consider when choosing the web-to-print software for your business.

  • Clipart Management:

Let your customers explore and design as per their imagination. Clipart are basically small art pieces that your customers can use directly and to help your customers easily customize the product.

This feature allows the customers to add a unique design touch to add value to the basic t-shirt. This feature comes with many options other than adding your design or image. You can crop or resize your designs and make them look creative on your t-shirts.  

Customers can have full authority over their designs and they are free to share the designs on social media platforms, Sharing their designs on social media platforms your t-shirt designer tool gets more eyes and eventually more sales. Also, once used by a customer helps your business grow through word of mouth. 

  • Color Management:

Color plays an important role as it adds value to your designs making them distinct from the other basic designs. Picking the color of their choice will help them create the . Certain colors help grab their attention and it is a vital tool to influence the mood of your potential customers as well. 

  • Custom Images:

“An image is worth a thousand words” as the saying goes, it holds a special place in the product designer business. You can express your feelings and emotions much better in the form of a custom image. A  T-shirt design tool is the easiest solution to let your customers do that with custom images and designs printed on the basic product like T-shirts to increase their value. 

This feature allows the customer to add an extra touch to their designs to make them appealing, catch more eyes on them and make them more interesting.  

  • Drawing Tool:

Drawing is a kind of art. You can help your customers draw freehand as well as provide them with some basic geometric shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, ovals, and other polygons to help them design from scratch. This feature helps add an extra design layer to draw and helps the customers customize their designs. Personalization makes the customers feel happy by providing a personal touch. 

  • Group and Move Objects:

Many businesses target enterprise level businesses. To serve at a large scale you need to add advanced features to help your customers more than the other plugins that are already doing the same thing. 

You need your idea to stand unique in the marketplace so that people can know your specialties. Any customer looks for an advanced design tool like a background eraser, grouping and moving objects together. 

Let’s say if a company wants to see how the logo looks on the right corner of the t-shirt or the sleeves of the t-shirt then they should be able to resize it and preview it.   


With changing technology, the shopping style and experience  of the customers has changed a lot. Most people want to do shopping from the comfort of their home as buying becomes easy and you need no human interaction for that or dress up and step out. 

Shopping online is easy and it just takes a few clicks to buy anything. You get to choose from the available colors and sizes and decide what fits best for you. Customers these days want to wear their customized products of their choice. Daily used products like mugs, calendars and t-shirts. They want everything customized. And so, this business is in demand. 

A t-shirt design tool helps give a personal touch to your customers making the basic product more valuable. Customized t-shirts are more appealing and seem more innovative to the customers. Designing adds value to the t-shirt and an online product designer tool can help you do the same. It is the need of an hour because customers want customized t-shirts for every occasion and festival, or for every event or feast and this helps you gain extra bucks.